Inverter Welding Machine Advantages & Why Should You Get It NOW?

Inverter welders are way more efficient than their aluminum and copper made conventional welders counterparts. First of all, the inverter welding machines are silicon-based.

That’s the reason even a cheap welder of its kind is smaller in size, highly portable to carry and move, lightweight, and more importantly, they save a lot of manufacturing materials.

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I know, if you have been welding for 20+ years or you have never used an inverter welder, it may seem intimidating at first. But once you get to know what it can do or what it offers, you will love it.

So, my objective here is to discuss all the advantages of it so that you become interested in this new technology.

8 Inverter Welding Machine Advantages

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As a reliable and cost-effective welding machine, inverter welding machines have been using greatly in recent years.

Yes, in its beginning time, it has some trouble. But now, professional welders are using it with confidence. Let’s see why this new technology is so popular.

  1. Lightweight, Compact & Smaller

You can carry it anywhere you wish to weld; maybe at your workstation, at a race track? The possibility is limitless here. It is really smaller in size than its conventional welder counterparts.

Being lightweight and smaller in size has made it super popular among the welder communities.  So, how they become so smaller and compact that you can carry it like a briefcase? It’s a smaller transformer!

You can’t fit a conventional welder in a narrow space where you need to save space. But you can easily fit an inverter welder almost anywhere. So even you have limited space, you can fit multiple of them to boost your productivity.

  1. Greater & Flexible Control

Since all the inverter welders use semiconductor power devices, they can precisely control the size of the current. You need to manually adjust the transformer for conventional welders.

That is really troublesome when you need to apply various welding types. For precise welding and cutting, you need the arc to be stable. Only inverter welding machines can do that!

  1. Improved Productivity

You can make the weld bead profile as wide as you think it is necessary. This is not possible with the conventional welders. So, with the inverter welders, you get the consistent weld quality and it significantly improves the appearance of the weld bead.

Whereas a lot of overheating and rework is necessary for traditional welders, you can get it right without such overhearing in inverter welders. So less consumption of filter metal and reduced heat input increase your productivity greatly.

  1. Stability in Current & Output Voltage

As you know, you can’t get the stable current and output voltage in the traditional one, because it involves AC power. The arc has to be re-ignited several times; almost 100 to 120 times per second!

So, it takes a longer time for the heating piece to get heated. Also, it significantly reduces the strength of the weld. The case is totally opposite for the inverter one. There is almost no voltage fluctuation and temperature change because it has the anti-interference.

  1. Great For Hobbyist Welders

If you are just learning it at home, the transformer machine is not suitable for you because of its huge weight and size. It’s not newbie friendly and they don’t support your household electricity.

So, the compact inverter welder is the only solution for you. It perfectly supports your household electricity and does not require any additional electrical wiring.

Since you are just learning, you have to exercise all the precautions like wearing your ADF welding helmet and other PPE. Remember, though the inverter welder is small, it does not mean it is less powerful.

  1. Awesome Cooling Feature

Every inverter welding machine comes with a built-in cooling fan. So, no chance of overheating and ending the life of the welder as well. As a part of the overheating management, the cooling fan significantly reduces the heat build up inside the machine.

This does not only ensure the durability of the welder but ensures the quality of the work as well. The return from a big investment such as buying a welding machine largely depends on its durability.

You want it to last as long as possible. So, having the latest one is your safest investment.

  1. Greater Energy Efficiency

It takes less time to get the end result with an inverter welder. So you save a lot of energy that ultimately reduces the cost of production. Conventional welders take more time to perform the task and consume more energy.

Due to increased energy consumption and labor cost, your business becomes less profitable. Whether you are a business owner or home hobbyist, you can install the inverter welder without any additional cost or without the requirement of increased amperage drawing.

Whereas the inverter welder’s power output can be as high as up to 82% to 93%, the power output of traditional welding machine is only 40% to 60%. Think about how much power resources you are wasting with that!

  1. IGBT Technology

These new machines use the latest IGBT technology. IGBT stands for Insulate Gate Bipolar Transistor. So, the inverter welding machine can gather more than enough current without using any gate current drive.

That’s what has made it so energy efficient. The switch is incredibly fast & does not consume much electricity just to function properly.

So, should you dump the conventional welder?

Well, if you already have one of them, don’t just do that. They are reliable in the long run and much simpler to operate. Besides, they are cheaper than their inverter welder counterparts. Sometimes, it’s better not to spend much at the beginning of starting a new business.

In your business, if any of the workers are old fashioned & scared of the new technology, stick to the conventional welders for a while. Gradually introduce them the new technology. You need your workers feeling comfortable around the machine.

That being said, if the weight, size, and precision of welding work really matter to you, getting the new beast in town is your best bet.


Technological advancement is inevitable. To survive in this highly competitive welding industry, you must embrace the new technology to get ahead of your competitors.

While picking the inverter welder, pick from the reputable brand like the Miller. You don’t want to waste your money on some junky welders. Spend on quality welding gloves, helmets, welding machine, etc. and your business will thrive!

Inverter Welding Machine Advantages & Why Should You Get It NOW?
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Inverter Welding Machine Advantages & Why Should You Get It NOW?
Without any doubt, inverter welding machines are much more efficient than their other counterparts. I talked about everything that you need to know!
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