Infiniti G37 Transmission Problems

If you’re a proud owner of an Infiniti G37, it’s important to be aware of the potential transmission problems that may arise. While the G37 is renowned for its sleek design and powerful performance, some owners have reported experiencing issues with the transmission. From rough shifting and gears slipping to delayed engagement and even complete transmission failure, these problems can be frustrating and costly to fix. In this article, we’ll explore some of the common transmission problems that Infiniti G37 owners may encounter, and discuss possible solutions to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Common Transmission Problems

Slipping Gears

One common transmission problem experienced by Infiniti G37 owners is slipping gears. This occurs when the transmission fails to maintain a consistent connection between the engine and the wheels, resulting in a loss of power or the sensation of the vehicle shifting gears unexpectedly. This can be a dangerous issue, as it can lead to a sudden loss of acceleration or difficulty maintaining speed. If you notice your G37 slipping gears, it is important to have it inspected and repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the transmission.

Delayed Engagements

Another transmission issue that G37 owners may encounter is delayed engagements. This occurs when there is a delay in the transmission’s response after shifting into gear, whether it be from park to drive or from one gear to another. This delayed engagement can be frustrating and may lead to poor performance and decreased fuel efficiency. If you experience delayed engagements in your G37, it is recommended to have it checked by a professional mechanic to diagnose and address the underlying cause.

Failure to Shift

Failure to shift is another problematic transmission issue that G37 owners may encounter. This occurs when the transmission fails to shift into the appropriate gear, causing a lack of acceleration or the inability to reach higher speeds. This can be a serious safety concern, especially when trying to merge onto highways or during sudden maneuvers. If you notice your G37 having difficulty shifting gears, it is crucial to have it inspected and repaired promptly to avoid potential accidents or further damage to the transmission.

Difficulty Shifting

Difficulty shifting is another transmission problem that can affect Infiniti G37 owners. This issue may manifest as resistance or grinding when shifting gears, making it harder to change gears smoothly. Not only can this affect the driving experience, but it can also cause excessive wear and tear on the transmission components. If you experience difficulty shifting in your G37, it is advisable to have a qualified technician diagnose and rectify the issue to ensure optimal transmission performance and longevity.

Stuck in Gear

One frustrating transmission problem that G37 owners may encounter is being stuck in a particular gear. This can happen when the transmission fails to disengage from a specific gear, preventing the driver from shifting into other gears. Being stuck in a gear can hinder acceleration, deceleration, and maneuverability, making it difficult to operate the vehicle safely. If you find yourself unable to shift out of a gear in your G37, it is essential to seek professional assistance to diagnose and address the underlying cause of this problem.

Known Technical Issues

Premature Clutch Failure

Premature clutch failure is a known technical issue that has been reported by some Infiniti G37 owners. This occurs when the clutch wears out prematurely, resulting in difficulty engaging or disengaging the gears. Clutch failure can be caused by various factors, including aggressive driving habits, improper clutch usage, or manufacturing defects. If you experience clutch-related problems in your G37, it is recommended to consult with a certified mechanic who can diagnose the issue and determine the best course of action for repair or replacement.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

Transmission fluid leaks are another technical issue that may affect G37 vehicles. These leaks can occur due to damaged seals, gaskets, or transmission components. If left unchecked, transmission fluid leaks can lead to a low fluid level, which can cause overheating and friction within the transmission, potentially resulting in severe damage. If you notice any signs of transmission fluid leaks, such as puddles of fluid under your vehicle or difficulty shifting gears, it is crucial to have it inspected and repaired promptly to prevent further damage to the transmission system.

Faulty Solenoids

Solenoids play a vital role in the proper functioning of an automatic transmission. They control the flow of transmission fluid and regulate the gear-shifting process. However, some G37 owners have reported issues with faulty solenoids, which can cause erratic shifting, delayed engagements, or total transmission failure. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is crucial to have your G37 inspected by a qualified technician who can diagnose and replace any faulty solenoids to restore the smooth operation of your transmission.

Sensor Malfunctions

Modern vehicles, including the Infiniti G37, rely on various sensors to monitor and control various aspects of the transmission system. However, sensor malfunctions can occur, leading to incorrect data being transmitted to the vehicle’s computer, which can affect the transmission’s performance. Issues such as incorrect gear ratios, difficulty shifting, or sudden loss of power may all be attributed to sensor malfunctions. If you suspect a sensor-related problem in your G37, it is recommended to have a professional mechanic diagnose and resolve the issue to ensure optimal transmission operation.

Mechanical Component Failures

While the Infiniti G37 is renowned for its performance and reliability, mechanical component failures can still occur in the transmission system. These failures can be caused by various factors, including wear and tear, manufacturing defects, or improper maintenance. Some common mechanical component failures reported by G37 owners include damaged gears, worn-out bearings, or damaged valve bodies. If you experience any abnormal noises, rough shifting, or other mechanical-related symptoms, it is advisable to have your G37 inspected by a qualified technician who can identify and repair the faulty components promptly.

Infiniti G37 Transmission Problems

Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs)

Recalls Affecting G37 Transmissions

Infiniti has issued recalls for certain G37 models due to transmission-related issues. These recalls may cover problems such as faulty transmission control modules, defective clutch slave cylinders, or defective valve bodies. It is essential for G37 owners to stay informed about any recalls that may affect their vehicles and promptly address them through the authorized dealerships to ensure the necessary repairs or replacements are carried out. Regularly checking with the manufacturer or authorized dealers can help you stay up to date with any recalls pertaining to your G37 model.

TSB-Related Concerns

In addition to recalls, Infiniti has also issued technical service bulletins (TSBs) to address known concerns or issues related to G37 transmissions. TSBs provide valuable information and guidance to dealerships and technicians on how to diagnose and repair specific problems reported by owners. These bulletins can cover a range of issues, including software updates, component replacements, or improved diagnostic procedures. If you are experiencing transmission-related problems in your G37, it is recommended to inquire about any relevant TSBs that may assist technicians in resolving the issue more effectively.

Transmission Software Updates

Software plays a crucial role in the operation of modern transmissions, and updates can often address certain bugs or enhance performance. Infiniti has released transmission software updates for some G37 models to improve shifting responsiveness, address specific issues, or optimize fuel efficiency. It is advisable to consult with an authorized Infiniti dealership to determine if your G37 may benefit from a transmission software update. Updating the transmission software can help rectify certain performance issues and ensure the optimal functioning of your G37’s transmission system.

Customer Complaints and Reports

Online Forums and Communities

Online forums and communities dedicated to the Infiniti G37 are valuable resources for owners seeking information or sharing their experiences with transmission problems. These platforms often provide a wealth of firsthand knowledge and real-world accounts from other G37 owners who have encountered similar issues. By actively participating in these forums, you may gain insights into potential solutions, recommended repair shops, or common troubleshooting methods to address transmission problems in your G37.

Consumer Complaint Databases

Consumer complaint databases, such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) database, allow individuals to report transmission-related issues they have experienced with their vehicles. These databases compile complaints from consumers across various vehicle models, including the Infiniti G37, and can serve as a valuable resource for identifying patterns or recurring problems. Checking these databases can provide you with a better understanding of the frequency and nature of transmission problems reported by other G37 owners.

Repair Shop Reports

Repair shop reports offer another avenue to gather information on common Infiniti G37 transmission problems. Local repair shops that specialize in Infiniti vehicles may have firsthand experience with diagnosing and repairing transmission issues in G37 models. By reaching out to these repair shops or reading their reports, you can gain insights into common repairs, recommended maintenance practices, or potential solutions for resolving transmission problems in your G37.

Class Action Lawsuits

In some cases, transmission problems reported by numerous G37 owners may result in class action lawsuits against the manufacturer. Class action lawsuits bring together affected owners to seek compensation or resolution for common problems they have experienced. Monitoring the existence of any class action lawsuits related to G37 transmission issues can provide you with an understanding of the legal actions being taken and the potential outcomes for affected owners. However, it is important to note that class action lawsuits may take a considerable amount of time to reach a resolution.

Infiniti G37 Transmission Problems

Warranty Coverage and Extended Warranty Options

Basic Manufacturer Warranty

Infiniti offers a basic manufacturer warranty for new vehicles, including the G37. This warranty typically covers the transmission system for a certain period or mileage, protecting owners from the financial burden of unexpected repairs. However, it is important to review the specific terms and conditions of the warranty to understand the extent of coverage and any exclusions that may apply. Keeping track of when the basic manufacturer warranty expires will allow you to be proactive in addressing any potential transmission issues before the warranty period ends.

Extended Warranty Providers

For G37 owners whose basic manufacturer warranty has expired or for those who purchased a used vehicle, extended warranty providers offer an option to extend coverage for the transmission system. Numerous third-party companies specialize in providing extended warranties that can help protect against costly transmission repairs in the future. When considering an extended warranty, it is advisable to thoroughly research the provider, read the terms and conditions, and compare coverage options to ensure you select the most suitable plan for your G37.

Costs and Coverage Considerations

When evaluating warranty options, it is essential to consider the potential costs and coverage provided. The cost of a warranty will depend on several factors, including the age and mileage of your G37, the level of coverage desired, and the warranty provider you choose. It is essential to review the terms and conditions of the warranty to understand any deductibles, limitations, or exclusions that may apply. Additionally, consider the likelihood of encountering transmission problems based on the vehicle’s history and the manufacturer’s reputation, as this can influence the value and necessity of certain warranty coverage options.

Recommended Maintenance Practices

Regular Fluid Checks

Regularly checking the transmission fluid levels and quality is crucial in maintaining the health of your Infiniti G37’s transmission system. Low or contaminated transmission fluid can lead to poor shifting, overheating, or component damage. Consult your vehicle’s owner manual or ask a professional mechanic to determine the recommended frequency for checking the transmission fluid and how to properly perform this task. By monitoring and maintaining the appropriate transmission fluid levels, you can help prevent potential issues and prolong the lifespan of your G37’s transmission.

Fluid Flushes or Replacements

In addition to regular fluid checks, periodic transmission fluid flushes or replacements are recommended to keep the transmission system operating optimally. Over time, transmission fluid can deteriorate, become contaminated, or lose its lubricating properties. Flushing or replacing the transmission fluid at the recommended intervals helps remove any accumulated debris or contaminants, ensuring the transmission system operates smoothly. Consult your vehicle’s owner manual or a certified technician to determine the appropriate schedule for fluid flushes or replacements based on your driving habits and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Transmission Filter Replacements

The transmission filter plays a vital role in keeping the transmission fluid clean and free of debris. Over time, the filter can become clogged or worn out, reducing its effectiveness and potentially causing damage to other transmission components. Regularly replacing the transmission filter, as recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer, can help ensure the transmission fluid remains clean, preventing potential problems and extending the life of your G37’s transmission. It is advisable to have a professional technician perform this maintenance task to ensure it is carried out correctly and with the appropriate parts.

Routine Inspections and Repairs

Routine inspections and repairs by qualified technicians are essential in identifying and addressing potential transmission problems before they escalate. Regularly scheduling inspections and repairs can help catch any early signs of wear, leakage, or damage, allowing for timely repairs or maintenance. A certified technician with experience working on Infiniti vehicles can conduct thorough inspections, identify any underlying issues, and recommend the necessary repairs or adjustments to ensure your G37’s transmission remains in optimal condition.

Infiniti G37 Transmission Problems

Diagnostic and Repair Procedures

Computerized Diagnostic Scans

When encountering transmission problems in your G37, computerized diagnostic scans can help identify the specific issues affecting the transmission system. These scans allow technicians to retrieve error codes and other valuable data from the vehicle’s onboard computer, providing insights into potential causes and areas that require attention. By utilizing advanced diagnostic tools and equipment, certified technicians can accurately diagnose transmission problems and develop an appropriate repair plan tailored to your G37’s unique needs.

Transmission Fluid Pressure Tests

Transmission fluid pressure tests are diagnostic procedures performed by technicians to assess the hydraulic pressure within the transmission system. By measuring the pressure at different points, technicians can determine if the fluid pressure is within the specified range. Deviations from the recommended pressure can indicate various transmission issues, such as worn clutches, faulty solenoids, or damaged seals. If deemed necessary by a qualified technician, conducting transmission fluid pressure tests can help identify the root cause of transmission problems and guide the necessary repairs or adjustments.

Solenoid Function Tests

Solenoids are an integral part of automatic transmissions, responsible for controlling the flow of fluid and regulating gear changes. If there is suspicion of solenoid malfunction in your G37, technicians may conduct solenoid function tests. These tests involve monitoring the electrical signals sent to the solenoids while the vehicle is in operation. By evaluating the response and functionality of the solenoids, technicians can identify any abnormalities that may be contributing to the transmission problems. If solenoid issues are detected, the necessary repairs or replacements can be undertaken to restore proper transmission function.

Valve Body Inspections

The valve body is a critical component of the transmission system that directs the flow of hydraulic fluid to control gear changes and other transmission functions. If valve body issues are suspected, a thorough inspection may be conducted by a qualified technician. This inspection involves a visual examination of the valve body, including its passages, gaskets, and valves. Any signs of wear, damage, or blockages can be identified and addressed during this inspection. Regular valve body inspections can help ensure the smooth operation of your G37’s transmission and prevent potential problems from escalating.

Transmission Overhaul or Replacement

In some cases, transmission problems may be severe enough to require an overhaul or full replacement of the transmission. Overhauls involve disassembling the transmission, inspecting all components, and replacing any damaged or worn parts. This comprehensive repair process aims to restore the transmission to its original functionality. However, in certain situations where the damage is extensive or cost-effective repairs are not feasible, a complete transmission replacement may be necessary. If an overhaul or replacement is recommended for your G37, it is important to consult with a trusted and experienced technician to ensure the best course of action is taken.

Preventive Measures and Tips for Owners

Maintaining Proper Fluid Levels

Maintaining proper fluid levels in your G37’s transmission system is crucial for its optimal performance and longevity. Regularly checking the transmission fluid and topping it off as needed can help prevent issues related to low fluid levels. Additionally, monitoring the color and consistency of the transmission fluid can provide insights into the overall health of the transmission system. If you notice any drastic changes in fluid color or consistency, it is advisable to consult with a professional technician to determine if further action, such as a fluid flush or replacement, is necessary.

Avoiding Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving habits, such as harsh braking, rapid acceleration, or abrupt gear changes, can put unnecessary stress on the transmission system. Over time, this can lead to premature wear and damage. To prolong the lifespan of your G37’s transmission, it is recommended to practice smooth driving techniques, allowing the transmission to shift gears gradually and minimizing unnecessary strain. By adopting a more relaxed driving style, you can reduce the likelihood of encountering transmission problems and maximize the performance of your G37.

Addressing Issues Promptly

When it comes to transmission problems, addressing them promptly is crucial to prevent further damage and costly repairs. If you notice any signs of transmission issues, such as slipping gears, delayed engagements, or unusual noises, it is important to seek professional assistance as soon as possible. Ignoring or delaying repairs can lead to more severe damage to the transmission system, potentially resulting in a complete failure and costly repairs. By addressing problems promptly, you can minimize the extent of damage and the associated expenses.

Regular Transmission System Inspections

Regularly scheduling inspections of your G37’s transmission system is a proactive measure that can help identify potential problems before they escalate. Professional technicians with expertise in Infiniti vehicles can perform comprehensive inspections, checking for any signs of wear, leaks, or other abnormalities. Regular inspections can catch minor issues early on, allowing for timely repairs or adjustments that can prevent major transmission problems from developing. By incorporating routine inspections into your vehicle maintenance schedule, you can help ensure the overall health and reliability of your G37’s transmission.

Seeking Professional Advice

When dealing with transmission problems in your G37, seeking professional advice is always recommended. Certified technicians with experience working on Infiniti vehicles possess the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and resolve transmission issues accurately. They can provide tailored recommendations based on your specific situation, addressing any concerns or questions you may have. Relying on professional guidance can help ensure that the necessary repairs, maintenance, or adjustments are carried out correctly and effectively, prolonging the life of your G37’s transmission and maximizing its performance.

Infiniti G37 Transmission Problems

Alternative Options and Solutions

Aftermarket Transmission Upgrades

For G37 owners seeking enhanced performance or durability, aftermarket transmission upgrades can be a potential solution. Aftermarket performance parts, such as upgraded clutches, valve bodies, or torque converters, can improve the transmission’s capabilities and responsiveness. It is advisable to consult with reputable performance shops or Infiniti specialists to determine which upgrades are suitable for your specific needs and driving preferences. Keep in mind that aftermarket upgrades may void certain warranties, so it is important to thoroughly review the warranty terms and conditions before proceeding.

Remanufactured Transmissions

If your G37 requires a transmission replacement, remanufactured transmissions can provide a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a brand new transmission. Remanufactured transmissions undergo a thorough refurbishing process, where worn-out or faulty components are replaced, ensuring reliability and performance. It is crucial to source remanufactured transmissions from reputable and trustworthy suppliers to ensure quality and compatibility with your G37 model. When considering a remanufactured transmission, inquire about warranties, return policies, and installation procedures to make an informed decision.

Used Transmission Units

Used transmission units can be another alternative to consider when faced with a transmission replacement. However, it is important to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before purchasing a used transmission. Ensure that the unit comes from a reputable source and has been thoroughly inspected and tested for any potential issues. Additionally, carefully check the compatibility of the used transmission unit with your G37 model to ensure a proper fit and optimal performance. If possible, consider obtaining any available maintenance records or history of the used transmission to assess its overall condition.

Transmission Rebuilds

In cases where transmission problems are localized or specific components require replacement, a transmission rebuild may be a viable option. During a rebuild, a certified technician disassembles the transmission, thoroughly inspects all components, and replaces any damaged or worn parts. This process essentially restores the transmission to its original functionality. Rebuilding a transmission can be a cost-effective solution compared to a complete transmission replacement. However, it is crucial to have the rebuild performed by a reputable shop or technician with experience working on Infiniti vehicles to ensure quality and reliability.


In conclusion, Infiniti G37 owners may encounter various transmission problems throughout the lifespan of their vehicles. From slipping gears to delayed engagements, these issues can hinder performance, compromise safety, and result in costly repairs if left unaddressed. It is crucial for G37 owners to stay informed about common transmission problems, known technical issues, and potential recalls or TSBs that may affect their vehicles. Additionally, adopting recommended maintenance practices, seeking prompt professional assistance, and considering alternative options can help owners resolve and prevent transmission problems, ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of their Infiniti G37s. By acknowledging the existence of transmission problems, understanding the importance of early detection and repair, and exploring available options for resolution and prevention, G37 owners can confidently address transmission-related concerns and maximize their ownership experience.

Infiniti G37 Transmission Problems

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