How To Get A Hunting License? [3 States Of The U.S. Covered]

Obtaining a hunting license in the U.S. varies among state to state. Among those states, some even require both license and permit. So, the law related to the license totally depends on your states.

I can give you a general overview of the whole matter and very specific information if you live in California, Oklahoma, and Utah.

Without the license, you can’t go hunting. Well, you can – but that will be totally illegal. And the hefty fine is totally insane if you get caught. It will be a foolish thing to go hunting without having the license. Because of it’ so easy to get the license no matter in which state you live.

I am guessing you are a new hunter; so this article can help you a lot. Before you get too excited about hunting let me calm you a little bit. Don’t buy any hunting gears like the gun or shooting earmuff before you get your license. Once you get the license, you will know it better which gears will be perfect for you.

How To Get A Hunting License In Utah, U.S.A?

getting a hunting license

In Utah, you will need either a license or a permit or both in some cases. So, obtaining a hunting license or permit is a little different. It may sound complex but getting the license and permit is easy.

For fishing or hunting game animals, you will need a license. Getting such a license is really easy. You can buy it online anytime you want. They sell it all year round.

Types of License in Utah

In Utah, there are three types of license. You need to know them first before you apply online.

  • Fishing License: As you can imagine, if you plan to fish only, this is all you need. But you can’t get a hunting permit as well with this license. Keep reading, you will understand it better.
  • Basic Hunting License: To participate in the small hunt game, this license will do. You can hunt any waterfowl. But if you want to hunt cougar, bear, and other animals – this license will be a prerequisite to obtaining the hunting permit as well.
  • Combination License: Yes, you have guessed it right. If you want to hunt as well as fish, this license will help you.

That’s all about getting a hunting license in Utah. Now let’s talk about how to get a hunting permit there. For some particular species like deer, elk, turkey, bighorn sheep, etc. – you need a separate hunting permit. You should check the hunting guidebook to see all the species list.

Like the license, you can buy the permit from online as well. To avoid any confusion or get the whole picture with license and permit fees – you should go to your local DWR office.

How To Get A Hunting License In California, U.S.A?

Luckily, there are no strict requirements to get the license here. Age should not be a problem because they even allow young hunter having an age of only 12 years. However, a Hunter Education Certificate may be required depending on your age.

As I mentioned earlier, getting a license is easy. You can get it from their website (California Department of Fish and Wildlife). If you are not that much ‘techy’, you can get it from their approved agents.

Types of License In California

The license here varies in a lot of ways. So before you apply, I think it’s a pretty good idea to know all of them. If you can’t obtain a lifetime license, you need to remember the expiry date.

Your license is valid from July 31 to June 30. Now check the following license type so that you can decide which license you should buy.

  • Resident License: If you are living there for at least 6 months, you can get a resident license. If you are into the big game, you should get an additional tag license. Only the resident can buy a lifetime hunting license here.
  • Non-Resident License: If you are not a resident there but you need to go hunting there, you need this license. And as usual, for the big game, get the additional tag license too.
  • Youth Hunting License: Irrespective of your residency status, if you are under the age of 18, you need this license. And if you are there for the big game and you are just over 12 years old, you should get the additional tag license.
  • Disability License: No matter if you are mobility impair or visually impaired, you can still get a hunting license here.
  • Military and Veteran License: Active military member can buy this license. Even if you are honorably discharged (for whatever reason), you can get it. Irrespective of your residency status, if you are a disabled veteran and discharged honorably, you can get this particular license for a reduced fee.

How To Get A Hunting License In Oklahoma, U.S.A?

Hunting without a valid license in the state of Oklahoma can be devastating. The minimum fine is $250 and there is a great chance you may end up in jail.

If you are a permanent resident there and often go to hunting, a permanent hunting license will be good for you. It costs a little over $600. You need to physically fill the form; there is no option for the online submission.

If you are a non-resident and do not plan to go hunting frequently, a non-resident license for the full year or just for a 5-day license will be a great choice.

I would request you to visit the Oklahoma Wildlife Department website to learn the latest fees and licensing requirements. Keep in mind that, except the life-long license, any other license will expire on December 31 of each year.

Except for the permanent license, you can buy all other types of license from online, bait shops, or sporting goods store.

Summing Up

As you can see, no matter which state you live, getting a hunting license is easy. It is totally unnecessary and reckless to go out hunting without a valid license. No matter how smartass you are, you will get caught by the park rangers or game wardens. Be a responsible hunter and be safe always!

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