DR-Z400SM Vs. Husqvarna 701

Hey, have you ever wondered which of these two awesome bikes is better? Well, in this article, we are going to compare the DR-Z400SM and the Husqvarna 701 to help you make an informed decision. These two motorcycles have their own unique features and capabilities, and we’ll explore them in detail. So, whether you’re a seasoned rider looking for a new adventure or a beginner trying to figure out which bike is right for you, stick around and let’s find out which one comes out on top.

Ready to dive deeper into the world of motorcycles? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the DR-Z400SM and the Husqvarna 701, comparing their performance, handling, design, and more. We’ll break down the details of each bike, including their engine power, suspension, and overall riding experience. By the end, you’ll have a clearer picture of which bike suits your needs and riding style. So, buckle up and get ready to learn all about these two fantastic motorcycles.


Design and Appearance

The DR-Z400SM boasts a sleek and sporty design that is sure to turn heads on the street. It features a compact and aggressive look with a sharp front end and a slim profile. The bike is available in bold and eye-catching colors that add to its overall appeal.

Engine Performance

The DR-Z400SM is powered by a 398cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine that delivers impressive performance. The engine is known for its smooth power delivery and strong mid-range torque, making it perfect for both daily commuting and spirited rides on the weekend. It offers a fun and exhilarating riding experience.

Handling and Suspension

When it comes to handling, the DR-Z400SM excels. Its lightweight frame and nimble chassis allow for easy maneuverability in tight city streets and corners. The bike also features a fully adjustable suspension system, which allows riders to fine-tune the bike’s performance to their liking. Whether you’re taking on twisty roads or navigating through traffic, the DR-Z400SM provides a confident and responsive ride.

Braking System

The DR-Z400SM is equipped with a reliable braking system that provides excellent stopping power. It features a front disc brake and a rear disc brake, both of which offer precise and consistent performance. Whether you’re cruising at high speeds or coming to a sudden stop, the DR-Z400SM’s braking system inspires confidence and ensures your safety on the road.

Technology and Features

Although the DR-Z400SM is a no-frills bike, it does come with some notable technology and features. It includes a digital instrument cluster that provides essential information such as speed, fuel level, and gear position. Additionally, the bike incorporates modern LED lighting, which enhances visibility and gives it a contemporary look.

Husqvarna 701

Design and Aesthetics

The Husqvarna 701 features a distinctive and modern design that is sure to grab attention wherever you go. Its sharp lines and aggressive stance give it a bold and commanding presence on the road. The bike is available in a range of stylish color options, allowing riders to choose the one that best suits their personal taste.

Powerful Engine

Under the sleek exterior, the Husqvarna 701 houses a robust 693cc, single-cylinder engine that packs a punch. With its impressive power output and torque, the engine delivers exhilarating acceleration and top speeds. Whether you’re navigating through city traffic or taking on open highways, the Husqvarna 701 offers unmatched performance.

Superior Handling

The Husqvarna 701 is renowned for its exceptional handling capabilities. Its lightweight and well-balanced chassis, combined with precise steering, allow for quick and effortless maneuvering. Whether you’re carving through tight corners or cruising on long stretches of road, the Husqvarna 701 provides a stable and confidence-inspiring ride.

Advanced Suspension

Equipped with top-of-the-line suspension components, the Husqvarna 701 excels in terms of ride comfort and performance. It features fully adjustable front and rear WP suspension systems, allowing riders to fine-tune the bike’s suspension to their liking. This ensures a smooth and controlled ride, even on rough and uneven terrains.

Cutting-Edge Brakes

The Husqvarna 701 comes equipped with a high-performance braking system that offers exceptional stopping power. It features Brembo front and rear disc brakes, which provide impressive stopping performance and excellent feedback. Whether you’re riding in the city or tackling off-road trails, the Husqvarna 701’s brakes inspire confidence and ensure your safety.

DR-Z400SM Vs. Husqvarna 701

Comparing Specifications

Engine Displacement and Power

Both the DR-Z400SM and the Husqvarna 701 have impressive engine displacements. The DR-Z400SM boasts a 398cc engine, while the Husqvarna 701 takes things up a notch with a 693cc engine. In terms of power, the Husqvarna 701 outshines the DR-Z400SM with its higher power output.

Weight and Dimensions

When it comes to weight and dimensions, there is a noticeable difference between the two bikes. The DR-Z400SM is relatively lightweight and compact, making it easy to handle and maneuver. On the other hand, the Husqvarna 701 is slightly heavier and larger, which may affect its agility in tight spaces.

Chassis and Frame

Both the DR-Z400SM and the Husqvarna 701 feature sturdy and well-built chassis and frames. The DR-Z400SM comes with a steel frame that provides excellent stability and durability. The Husqvarna 701, on the other hand, features a lightweight and robust chromium-molybdenum steel frame that offers superior strength and rigidity.

Fuel Capacity and Range

The fuel capacity and range of a bike are crucial factors to consider, especially for long-distance rides. The DR-Z400SM has a fuel capacity of around 2.6 gallons, which allows for a decent range before refueling. In comparison, the Husqvarna 701 has a larger fuel capacity of around 3.4 gallons, providing a longer range between fill-ups.

Ground Clearance

Ground clearance plays a significant role, especially when riding on uneven or off-road terrains. The DR-Z400SM offers a respectable ground clearance, allowing riders to confidently navigate over obstacles. However, the Husqvarna 701 takes the lead with its higher ground clearance, providing more confidence in tackling rough and challenging terrains.

On-Road Performance

Acceleration and Top Speed

Both the DR-Z400SM and the Husqvarna 701 offer impressive acceleration and top speeds. The DR-Z400SM’s engine delivers quick and smooth acceleration, allowing for swift overtakes and responsive throttle control. The Husqvarna 701, with its more powerful engine, offers blistering acceleration and higher top speeds, making it an exhilarating choice for speed enthusiasts.

Maneuverability in Traffic

When it comes to maneuvering through traffic, both bikes excel. The DR-Z400SM’s compact size and lightweight design allow for easy filtering and quick lane changes. The Husqvarna 701’s superior handling and precise steering make it equally adept at navigating through tight spaces and congested roads, ensuring a stress-free ride.

Comfortable Riding Position

Long hours in the saddle can take a toll on comfort, especially during extended rides. The DR-Z400SM offers a comfortable upright riding position, allowing for a relaxed and natural posture. The Husqvarna 701 also provides a comfortable riding position, with a slightly leaning forward posture that enhances control and maneuverability.

Long-Distance Travel

While both bikes are capable of long-distance travel, the DR-Z400SM may be better suited for shorter trips due to its smaller fuel capacity. The Husqvarna 701, with its larger fuel tank, allows for longer stretches between refueling stops, making it a more practical choice for those looking to cover extensive distances.

City Versatility

Both the DR-Z400SM and the Husqvarna 701 are highly versatile bikes that excel in city riding. Their compact size and nimble nature make them agile and easy to maneuver through traffic. Whether you’re darting through busy streets or taking on tight corners, both bikes offer the agility and control needed for city riding.

DR-Z400SM Vs. Husqvarna 701

Off-Road Capability

Terrain Versatility

The DR-Z400SM and the Husqvarna 701 are both capable off-road machines. The DR-Z400SM’s lightweight design and agile handling make it suitable for tackling a variety of terrains. The Husqvarna 701, with its more powerful engine and superior suspension system, can handle even the most challenging off-road situations with ease.

Suspension and Damping

The suspension systems of both bikes play a crucial role in off-road performances. The DR-Z400SM’s suspension provides a smooth and controlled ride, absorbing bumps and vibrations effectively. The Husqvarna 701’s advanced suspension components offer exceptional travel and damping, ensuring a comfortable and controlled off-road experience.

Tire Options

Choosing the right tires is essential for off-road riding. The DR-Z400SM comes equipped with street-oriented tires that perform well on paved roads but may struggle on loose surfaces. The Husqvarna 701, on the other hand, features off-road-focused tires that provide superior traction and grip on various terrains, making it more capable off-road.

Off-Road Control

Both the DR-Z400SM and the Husqvarna 701 offer excellent control off-road. The DR-Z400SM’s lightweight and nimble nature allow for precise handling and control, even at low speeds. The Husqvarna 701’s powerful engine and advanced suspension system provide the rider with the confidence and control needed to conquer challenging off-road trails.

Adventure Riding Experience

For riders seeking adventure and exploration, both bikes are great options. The DR-Z400SM’s versatility and agility make it an excellent choice for those looking to tackle both on and off-road terrains. The Husqvarna 701, with its powerful engine and superior suspension system, offers an exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping adventure riding experience.

Maintenance and Reliability

Service Intervals and Costs

Proper maintenance is essential to keep your bike running smoothly. The DR-Z400SM’s service intervals are generally more frequent, requiring regular oil changes and filter replacements. The Husqvarna 701, with its advanced features and technology, may require less frequent servicing but at a potentially higher cost due to specialized components.

Parts Availability

When it comes to parts availability, the DR-Z400SM has the advantage. Being a popular and widely-used bike, finding spare parts and accessories for the DR-Z400SM is relatively easy and cost-effective. The Husqvarna 701, being a more niche and specialized bike, may have limited availability and higher costs for certain parts.

Durability and Longevity

Both the DR-Z400SM and the Husqvarna 701 are known for their durability and longevity. Their robust build quality and reliable components ensure they can withstand the rigors of daily riding and off-road adventures. With proper maintenance and care, both bikes can provide years of trouble-free riding enjoyment.

Warranty Coverage

When it comes to warranty coverage, it may vary depending on the region and dealer. However, typically, both the DR-Z400SM and the Husqvarna 701 come with standard manufacturer warranties that cover defects in materials and workmanship for a certain period. It is essential to check with your local dealer for specific warranty details.

Owner Satisfaction

Both the DR-Z400SM and the Husqvarna 701 have garnered a loyal following of satisfied owners. Their impressive performance, reliability, and versatility have made them popular choices among riders worldwide. Reading owner reviews and seeking feedback from current owners can provide valuable insights into the ownership experience of each bike.

Pricing and Value

Initial Purchase Cost

The initial purchase cost of a bike is an important consideration for most buyers. The DR-Z400SM is generally priced lower than the Husqvarna 701, making it more budget-friendly. However, it’s important to weigh the features, performance, and reliability offered by each bike to determine their respective value for money.

Resale Value

Resale value is another crucial factor to consider when purchasing a bike. Generally, both the DR-Z400SM and the Husqvarna 701 hold their value well due to their strong reputation and popularity. However, it’s worth noting that the Husqvarna 701’s higher initial price tag may result in a slightly lower percentage of depreciation over time.

Aftermarket Support

For riders who like to personalize and modify their bikes, aftermarket support is essential. The DR-Z400SM has a wide range of aftermarket parts and accessories available, allowing riders to customize their bike to their liking. The Husqvarna 701, although more niche, also has a decent selection of aftermarket options to choose from.

Cost of Ownership

When considering the cost of ownership, it’s important to factor in expenses such as insurance, maintenance, and fuel costs. The DR-Z400SM, with its smaller engine, generally has lower insurance and fuel costs. The Husqvarna 701 may have slightly higher insurance and fuel costs due to its more powerful engine.

Overall Value for Money

When comparing the DR-Z400SM and the Husqvarna 701, it ultimately comes down to personal preferences and priorities. The DR-Z400SM offers excellent value for money, with its affordability, versatility, and reliable performance. The Husqvarna 701, on the other hand, provides a higher level of performance, advanced features, and premium build quality, at a higher price point.

User Experiences and Reviews

DR-Z400SM User Feedback

Owners of the DR-Z400SM have praised its reliability, agility, and versatility. They appreciate its smooth power delivery, comfortable seating position, and ease of maintenance. Many riders have used the DR-Z400SM for both daily commuting and off-road adventures, highlighting its versatility as a key selling point.

Husqvarna 701 User Feedback

Husqvarna 701 owners have commended its powerful engine, superior handling, and advanced suspension system. They appreciate its aggressive design, comfortable riding position, and overall build quality. Many riders have praised the bike’s performance in both on and off-road conditions, making it a top choice for adventure seekers.

Pros and Cons

Pros of the DR-Z400SM include its affordability, lightweight design, and versatility for both on and off-road riding. On the other hand, some cons include its smaller fuel tank capacity and less powerful engine compared to the Husqvarna 701.

The Husqvarna 701’s pros include its powerful engine, superior handling, and advanced suspension system. However, its higher price tag and potentially higher maintenance costs may be considered cons for some riders.

Real-World Performance

In real-world performance, both the DR-Z400SM and the Husqvarna 701 excel in their respective areas. The DR-Z400SM offers a fun and enjoyable ride, whether on city streets or off-road trails. The Husqvarna 701, with its impressive power, precise handling, and advanced features, provides a thrilling experience for riders seeking higher performance.

Owner Recommendations

Based on owner feedback, both the DR-Z400SM and the Husqvarna 701 are highly recommended choices. However, riders looking for a budget-friendly option with versatility and reliability may lean towards the DR-Z400SM. Those seeking premium performance, advanced features, and a more polished riding experience may lean towards the Husqvarna 701.

Considerations for Different Riders

Beginner Riders

For beginner riders, the DR-Z400SM may be a more suitable choice. Its user-friendly power delivery and nimble handling make it easier to ride and build confidence. The lower initial purchase cost and availability of aftermarket support also make it an attractive option for beginners.

Experienced Riders

Experienced riders looking for higher performance and advanced features may be drawn to the Husqvarna 701. Its powerful engine, superior handling, and premium build quality provide a thrilling riding experience for those with more riding experience.

Dual Sport Enthusiasts

Dual sport enthusiasts who enjoy both on and off-road riding would find both the DR-Z400SM and the Husqvarna 701 appealing. However, the Husqvarna 701’s more powerful engine and advanced suspension system give it an edge for those seeking more intense off-road adventures.

Commuters and City Riders

For commuters and city riders, both the DR-Z400SM and the Husqvarna 701 offer agile handling and versatile performance. The DR-Z400SM’s affordability and fuel efficiency may make it a more practical choice for those primarily riding in urban environments.

Adventure Seekers

Adventure seekers looking to explore off-road trails and embark on long-distance rides can find satisfaction in either the DR-Z400SM or the Husqvarna 701. The DR-Z400SM’s versatility and affordability make it a popular choice for adventure riders on a budget, while the Husqvarna 701’s advanced features and power provide an adrenaline-pumping adventure riding experience.


In conclusion, both the DR-Z400SM and the Husqvarna 701 are exceptional bikes in their own rights. The DR-Z400SM offers a budget-friendly and versatile option for riders looking for a capable on and off-road machine. On the other hand, the Husqvarna 701 provides a higher level of performance, advanced features, and build quality at a higher price point.

Choosing the right bike ultimately depends on personal preference, priorities, and budget. Riders looking for affordability, versatility, and reliability may lean towards the DR-Z400SM. Those seeking premium performance, advanced features, and a more polished riding experience may opt for the Husqvarna 701.

Whichever bike you choose, both the DR-Z400SM and the Husqvarna 701 are sure to deliver exciting and memorable riding experiences. So, get out there, hit the road or the trails, and enjoy the thrill of motorcycling.

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