Road King Lowering Kit Problems

Are you experiencing problems with your Road King’s lowering kit? It can be frustrating when modifications to your bike don’t go as smoothly as expected. In this article, we will discuss some common issues that Road King owners encounter when using lowering kits and provide solutions to help you overcome these problems.

One common problem with Road King lowering kits is a decrease in ground clearance. While lowering your bike can enhance its aesthetics and improve handling, it can also result in your bike scraping against speed bumps, curbs, or other obstacles. This can not only be damaging to your bike but also dangerous for your overall riding experience. However, there are solutions available to increase ground clearance and prevent this issue.

Another problem that riders face with Road King lowering kits is a change in suspension dynamics. Lowering your bike alters the geometry of the suspension system, potentially affecting its performance. This can result in a harsher ride, reduced control, or even bottoming out over bumps. In our article, we will explore ways to mitigate these problems, such as adjusting your suspension settings or upgrading to aftermarket components that are designed specifically for lowered bikes.

Furthermore, Road King owners commonly encounter issues with tire clearance after installing a lowering kit. Lowering the bike could cause the tires to come into contact with fenders or other components, leading to tire wear, damage, or even blowouts. Our article will offer guidance on how to address this problem, including using spacers or upgrading to wider wheels to ensure proper tire clearance.

In conclusion, if you’re experiencing problems with your Road King’s lowering kit, you’re not alone. Many riders face issues such as decreased ground clearance, altered suspension dynamics, and tire clearance problems. However, with the right solutions and adjustments, these problems can be overcome, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a lowered ride without sacrificing safety or performance. In our upcoming article, we will dive deeper into each of these issues and provide insights on how to resolve them effectively.

Road King Lowering Kit Problems


If you own a Road King motorcycle and are considering lowering its height, it’s important to understand the potential problems that may arise from using a Road King lowering kit. While these kits serve the purpose of reducing the bike’s ride height, they can also lead to various issues that affect safety, performance, and overall ride quality. In this article, we will explore some of the common problems associated with Road King lowering kits, discuss possible solutions, and offer tips for selecting a reliable kit.

What is a Road King Lowering Kit

Understanding the Purpose

A Road King lowering kit is a modification designed to decrease the ride height of the motorcycle. This can provide a more customized riding experience, especially for riders who are shorter in stature. Lowering the bike can often make it easier for riders to plant their feet more securely on the ground while at a stop.

Components of the Kit

A typical Road King lowering kit is comprised of several components. These may include a set of shorter rear shock absorbers, shorter fork springs, and possibly a shorter kickstand. The exact components can vary depending on the manufacturer and specifications of the kit.

Common Problems with Road King Lowering Kits

Faulty Installation

One of the primary causes of problems with Road King lowering kits is improper installation. If not installed correctly, the kit may not function as intended, leading to potential safety hazards. It is crucial to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions or seek professional installation to ensure the kit is fitted properly.

Negative Impact on Suspension

Lowering a motorcycle alters its suspension geometry, which can adversely impact the bike’s overall performance. The stock suspension setup is designed to work optimally at the original ride height. Lowering the bike may result in reduced suspension travel, leading to a harsher ride and reduced shock absorption.

Excessive Bottoming Out

Another common issue with Road King lowering kits is the increased risk of the bike bottoming out. Bottoming out occurs when the suspension compresses fully upon encountering a bump or pothole, causing the frame or other parts of the motorcycle to hit the ground. Lowering the bike significantly reduces ground clearance, thus making it more susceptible to bottoming out.

Safety Concerns

Reduced Cornering Clearance

Lowering a Road King can result in reduced cornering clearance, which refers to the amount of lean angle the bike can safely achieve during turns. This reduced clearance may limit the bike’s ability to lean into corners without scraping the footpegs or other parts of the bike’s undercarriage, potentially compromising stability and control.

Limited Shock Absorption

Lowering a motorcycle can also limit the suspension’s capacity to absorb shocks. The reduced suspension travel may cause the bike to transmit more bumps and vibrations to the rider, resulting in a less comfortable and potentially fatiguing ride. Additionally, limited shock absorption can decrease the bike’s ability to maintain contact with the road surface, affecting traction and overall handling.

Road King Lowering Kit Problems

Effect on Bike Performance

Changes in Handling

Lowering the ride height of a Road King can significantly impact its handling characteristics. The altered suspension geometry can affect the bike’s stability, responsiveness, and maneuverability. It may lead to slower steering and lessen the bike’s ability to tackle corners with confidence. Riders may experience reduced agility and overall control, especially during more spirited rides.

Impact on Ride Quality

The modifications made to lower the bike’s height may result in a less comfortable ride. The reduced suspension travel can make the bike feel stiffer, transmitting more road imperfections directly to the rider. This can lead to a choppier and rougher ride, increasing rider fatigue and potentially affecting long-distance riding comfort.

Possible Solutions

Correct Installation Techniques

To avoid many of the problems associated with Road King lowering kits, it is essential to ensure proper installation. Make sure to carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions, as each kit may have specific requirements. If you are not confident in your mechanical abilities, it is advisable to seek professional installation from an experienced technician.

Considering Alternative Suspension Modifications

If you are seeking a lower ride height while maintaining optimal suspension performance, it may be worth exploring alternative suspension modifications. Instead of solely relying on a lowering kit, consider options such as adjustable suspension systems or shorter aftermarket shocks and fork springs. These alternatives can offer the desired ride height without compromising the bike’s suspension capabilities.

Manufacturer Recalls and Replacements

Recall Notifications

If you have already installed a Road King lowering kit and are experiencing problems, it is worth checking for any manufacturer recalls or service bulletins. In some cases, manufacturers may identify issues with certain kits and offer replacements or repairs to affected customers. Keep an eye out for any communications from the manufacturer or contact them directly to inquire about recalls or potential solutions.

Options for Replacements or Repairs

If you are facing problems with a Road King lowering kit, and no recalls or replacements are available, you may need to explore alternative options. Contacting the manufacturer or a trusted motorcycle mechanic may help you find suitable replacement components or suggest repairs to address the specific issues you are facing.

Tips for Choosing a Road King Lowering Kit

Researching Reliable Brands

When selecting a Road King lowering kit, it is crucial to research and choose a reputable brand. Look for manufacturers with a track record of producing high-quality suspension components and kits for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Read customer reviews and seek recommendations from fellow riders to ensure you are purchasing a reliable and well-regarded product.

Seeking Professional Advice

If you are unsure about which Road King lowering kit is right for you or have concerns about potential problems, it is always a good idea to consult with a professional. Motorcycle mechanics and suspension specialists can offer personalized advice based on your specific requirements, riding style, and any concerns you may have. Their expertise can help you make an informed decision and avoid potential pitfalls.


While Road King lowering kits provide an option for customizing the ride height of your motorcycle, they can also come with a range of associated problems. Understanding the potential issues and seeking appropriate solutions is crucial to ensure rider safety, maintain optimal bike performance, and enhance overall riding experience. By following proper installation techniques, exploring alternative suspension modifications, and doing thorough research, you can minimize the risks and maximize the benefits of a Road King lowering kit. Remember to prioritize safety, consult professionals when needed, and always choose reliable brands to mitigate any potential problems.

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