Motorcycle Safety Gear List [You Should Not Skip Any Single One Of Them]

Safety comes first everywhere and the importance of it is paramount for motorcycle riding safety. From a small trip to a long ride, you need all of your safety gear items. An accident happens most when you become less careful.

No matter whether you just bought your new motorcycle or you have been riding it for so many years, make sure you have all those gears I am about to mention. When it comes to safety, it’s not about the latest style or price, it’s all about the functionality and trust.

Motorcycle Safety Gear List For Every Rider

Yes, you will need a lot more gears than driving your car considering the fact that motorcycles are not as safe as cars for driving. But you can increase your chance of survival from any deadly crash if you have all the safety gears. Here are the gears that every motorcyclist should have:

  1. A Motorcycle Helmet

It’s a crime driving your motorcycle without any motorcycle helmet. You are not just endangering yourself, you are endangering others too. Modern helmets come in a wide range of varieties.

You can choose a full-face or modular helmet and low-profile helmet as well. Some of them feature all the latest technology like Bluetooth compatibility. Some feature the KEVLAR construction for the maximum strength and so on.

But no matter how latest model it is, make sure it is at least DOT approved. Without that certification, you can’t ride your motorcycle anywhere in the U.S.

  1. Eye Protection

Whereas every helmet comes with a visor to protect your eyes from the sun or roadside insects while riding, it’s really good to have eye protection separately. If your helmet does not have visor functionality, you must have it.

Your prescription glass or any standard sunglasses won’t protect you from any impact or debris coming from the sides. You can find different motorcycling goggles from various brands to serve this purpose. Or get a sunglass that is rated to protect from any impact at least.

  1. Elbow/Knee Protection

During any deadly crash, your elbows, shin, or the knees will get the maximum impact to severely damage them. It’s a very painful experience and sometimes the damages can be beyond your imagination.

So, as the additional protection for motorcycle riding, you should have elbow and knee guards. These are so cheap considering almost all of them come from China. These gears are prepared in a way so that you can wear them with other protective gears without any problem.

  1. Armored Jackets

Either you ride with a gang or alone, a jacket always goes well with a motorcycle. A motorcycle jacket does not just make you look cool; it offers some serious protection as well. During the winter season, you will find it like a blessing!

Now, jackets come in a lot of varieties and style. I am not gonna talk about them. I am more interested in some added safety protection. Armored jackets are really easy to find nowadays. If you want to go even further; go for the Kevlar fabric made one.

  1. Leather Gloves

You can’t skip this. During the summer, riding a motorcycle can make your grips sweaty. It’s really bad to control your motorcycle. A pair of leather gloves can actually be a good solution.

It makes you look like a pro and offers some sort of other protections as well. In addition, to protect your hands from the crash, it can act as a safeguard against any object that may hit your hands pretty hard.

Like the jackets, gloves come in a lot of styles too. Any black leather gloves will do.

  1. Motorcycle Cover

If you park your motorcycle outside at the dark, other drivers may not see it and cause serious damage to your motorcycle. So, consider having a durable motorcycle cover with reflective strips to protect your motorcycle too.

  1. Protective Pants

Unless you have a dirt bike or you don’t race, you don’t care about your pants while riding your motorcycle. You are not alone. But you should be like others if you usually go for a long distance.

Normal jeans pants can’t protect you from the rain. Whereas any protective pants can and they have some even better features. These pants feature the knee caps and pad for your hip. So, adding the protect pants to your gear list is really a good idea.

  1. Motorcycle Boots

There are low-profile and higher boots. Some come with the laces some don’t. The choice is yours. But if you go for the higher boots, it will protect your legs more than the lower one.

These boots specifically designed and engineered for motorcycle riding. From tip to toe, you fully cover yourself with the help of those boots. Be careful with the boots with laces though. Make sure to hide the laces insider your boots for added safety reasons.

  1. Earplugs For Noise Cancellation

Yes, if you buy a full-face helmet, it will do a great job reducing the noise of your motorcycle engine. Still, you will hear some noise which is not really a great experience for your long-distance ride. You can do a lot better for noise reduction.

Yes, I am talking about earplugs. They are so tiny that they will easily fit with almost any motorcycle helmet. Besides, they are so cheap; there is no harm to add this to your gear list.

  1. Reflective Vest

When you ride and it is dark, there is a great chance that most drivers of cars and trucks can’t see you clearly. I have mentioned in my other articles that a lot of motorcycle accidents happen just because the driver of the car can’t see you.

A great solution to this very serious problem is wearing a reflective and colored vest. Not just night, when you think other drivers may not notice you due to whatever reasons, you should wear a vest just to let them know that you do exist on the road!

  1. Chest Armor

Your chance of surviving a deadly crash will significantly increase if you wear chest armor along with your helmet. They do a great job of protecting your front and back of the body.

  1. Seat Pad

It’s not directly a safety gear for your motorcycle, but you definitely want your long-ride to be comfortable. You see, during the long rides, your butt will start to hurt badly. This is when you may get distracted. So, you want your seat to be comfortable in such long-rides. Having a Motorcycle Seat Pad can give you this comfort.


You may some of these above-mentioned motorcycle safety gears overkill or unnecessary, but it is not. The list has been prepared by the expert and experienced motorcyclists’ recommendations. Once you save your life due to any one of these gears, no need to thank me. Just protect yourself.

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